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02.19.2013 , 03:54 PM | #10
Although this has been mentioned quite a few of times since they introduced the higher repair costs, for some reason your post resonated with me - mainly because you're not crying about how your guild is sooo poor it's going to affect your progression.

I don't really care much either way, because I have the credits for the repairs and I get enough money from crafting and selling that i don't have to worry about the repair costs even with pugs, but it is a valid point that people who pug the "hardest" parts of the end-game content will choose to avoid pugging (and therefore helping out new people, even when that's not their intention) if it means that they'll have to pay up to a million for repairs for 2-3 raids.

If for some reason (which I don't quite get, but it's not my call anyway) Bioware thinks that repair costs should be higher than what they've been until now, they can choose to keep them at the same level while at the same time doing one of two things:
1. Make repairs in raids cost less than the rest of the content or give much higher credit rewards for killing mobs in them (which doesn't really seem doable or even logical but you never know...). They could even make the Legacy Repair Droid repair stuff for much lower prices, thus promoting a legacy perk and helping people who raid at the same time.
2. Make the rewards from completing PVE dailies and weeklies significantly higher, so that people will have an additional reason to actually kill those bosses and not give up after the 2nd-3rd try.

Again, I think the best solution would be to lower the repair costs in general - they don't even have to be as low as they were, but definitely lower than what they are right now. The game should facilitate grouping up with people even if they're not from your guild. And that would benefit both the guilds that would be able to find new recruits easier than waiting for someone to fill out an application on their site and the pugs that would have an easier time finding and maintaining a group that wouldn't give up after the second wipe because they wouldn't want to spend all their credits repairing.

As someone else pointed out, you can make credits very easily in the game, but on the other hand that should be a personal preference not something that you MUST do in order to be able to even take part in end-game content.