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Actually it's been suggested that Shoulder Cannon may be a Vanguard-only ability despite the fact that the datamined information claims it's for all Troopers. If it's Vanguard-only, then I'm guessing Electro Net would be Commando-only.

Electro Net benefits Commandos in PvP. Shoulder Cannon is universal, it helps Vanguards both in PvE AND PvP.
Vanguards are getting straight-up damage buffs (in both trees) even though they are already the highest hitting AC in the game along with Sentinels. This puts them above us on even more the damage charts. Classes in equal gear are nowhere near the 5% "grace window" Bioware claims exists. Vanguards can already do stupidly high DPS on mobile bosses (like Kephess the Undying.) They crank out ~2800, we do ~2300 in the exact same gear! That difference is nowhere near 5%!

Commandos are getting PvP utility and some survivability. This will not help the already existing huge damage discrepancy. What is being done to address this?
Actually, that Electro Net should increase DPS a fair bit on those mobile bosses as well - if the boss is moving, he's taking increasing damage from it.