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Nobody said Shoulder Cannon wouldn't have its occasional use. But with a range of 10m it becomes completely useless on Flashpoint and Operations bosses. It doesn't seem the least fair to me anyway that they get to use this skill whenever they want whereas ours is restricted to PvP and only certain bosses (like Operator IX, Heavy Fabricator; Stormcaller and Firebrand).

The last thing Vanguards need is more direct, front-up damage. I'm not saying they shouldn't get damage buffs, but if Vanguards do get more damage, Commandos should get equal or more to compensate. The changes for Commando seem to primarily affect PvP. The changes to Vanguards seem to benefit them in both aspects equally.
Could they make it so that the shoulder cannons range goes to 30m for commandos ?
My first character was commando, played on gunnery all the way to 50 and PvP was my thing, only to find out that we suck....that was abit over 7 months ago, yet we still suck while our big brother (vanguard) get's buffed all day every day. Dropped my commando real fast and started leveling up other characters, got interested in commando again.

Glad to see that we get at least some short of boost. I hope BW will spot this topic and take pointers, really like this topic.