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For Xeno II SM the gear you recieve, when you hit 50 is good enough by far and for HC it should suffice as well.
I respectfully disagree.

Please take a full tionese geared player on 8m HM xeno and tell me how that turns out. Even in SM tionese is under geared. Coloumi or better (with some augments) would be more appropriate for SM. In tionese you are going to have to be carried by Rakata/BH/DG geared players so if you show up in tionese don't be surprised if you get the boot. I'm not saying it can't be completed with A tionese geared player, but they are certainly not going to pull their full weight and their gear will have to be offset by better geared players in the group. For xeno, you have to have appropriate DPS on the cores, tanks have to be able to weather big hits, and healers need appropriate Healing output. I really don't see tionese gear being up to the task in any of these roles with out significant compensation from another player. Which is why people in lower gear are etting the boot.

I highly doubt a full ops group of ALL tionese geared players could complete SM Xeno. Feel free to prove me wrong. Is it likely that a whole group of tionese geared players show up for the same raid, NO. But the point remains that tionese geared players are showing up for ops banking on chance that there will be better geared players to carry them through, and then when they get removed from the ops because of it they cry foul.

If you are in tionese gear and want to do ops beyond your gear then I suggest you ask your guild to help, don't rely on PUGs to be sympathetic. If the PUG is willing to accomadate you, awesome! I have been in many groups that have carried under geared players. But please don't think that it is "unfair" if a group declines you because of a gear issue.
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