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What the hell is wrong with this community that people that A> don't play this game as much as some of these "Holier than thou" geared more experience players do. B> Have War Hero or higher end gear that allot of people have. I think it's pretty unfair for lesser players that don't have the great gear be singled out and kicked from an Ops group. It's mean an cruel to those that pay and enjoy the game in general that is just trying to finish a mission they were given and have to deal with *******es that think they can just kick people out of a group because they aren't as "Geared" as the big players are, JUST SAYIN! Some people aren't in Guilds and aren't on as much as most, and it's just not right to see this kind of Nazi crap going on in this game!!
So just to let you know where I am coming from... I am one of those players who "A> don't play this game as much as some of these "Holier than thou" geared more experience players do." I am not in a guild who has raided yet (even though a few of us do pick up a raid here and there) and currently, my gear is a mix of Dreadguard (the 2 relics from the Daily vendors) Rakata Implants, Black hole Ear peice, and the rest is custom with Campaign armorings and black hole mods/enchancements.

How did I get that kind of gear? By putting in the time and effort by doing constant dailys, and the occasional pugging of raids if I have time from working 15 hours Mon-Friday (I leave the house at 4:30am and get home at 8pm) just to head off to bed at 9:30pm to do it all over again the next day...

If I am able to pull off getting that type of gear, I'm sure those players who you stated that don't play the game as much as some can also but it takes time. Do not expect to start raiding soon after you hit 50. Do the ops team you are thinking about joining a favor and gear yourself up in a MINIMUM of Columi gear. It takes about a week of running HM FP's to get there with picking up the weeklies and dailys from the fleet terminal and the occasional lucky hit of a columi drop from the end boss. I would pretty much say that SM Xeno II is about the equivalent to SM EC gear wise.

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Instead of crying here, go and form your own group and then you can invite all the people still wearing greens with the wrong main stat that were meant for someone 20 levels lower that you like.
This pretty much sums it up 100%. If you think you are more than willing to try these raids with players with fresh 50 gear and players still wearing blue's and greens, so be it and let me know how that works out for you.
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