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Sorry dude but he certainly pulled them, both times. I was nice the 1st time. The 2nd time he was closest and his gun heal triggered it. He immediately had 2 elites, 3 strong, and a few trash all attacking him at once. I only have single taunt at level 19. He went down in seconds. Everyone who knows hammer station knows that's easily the toughest pull in there and 1 of the elites should be CC'd, and ALWAYS to wait for the tank to pull. I'm not perfect in
this game, but I always man up and take the blame when I'm at fault, and I wasn't in this case. But thank you for the input. I also totally forgot to mention that I was in stealth, the heals was closest to the mob and firing his heal gun, there's no way that he didn't pull aggro.
Is it even possible for a heal to start an encounter? I've not seen that before.

I assume by gun heal you mean Hammer Shot, which is weird since I've never seen a healing skill start an encounter. It's possible that your healer wandered into the enemies' aggro range and fired Hammer Shot at the exact same second, but then it would have been his proximity to the hostile mobs that started the fight, not the fact that he was healing you. I had heals ticking on Shadow/Sin tanks when they were very close to hostiles (for example Emergency Medpack on my Scoundrel or Resurgence on my Sorcerer), but these heals never started the encounter.

I'm guessing a more likely scenario would be (I'm reading the situation correctly) that the mobs simply saw through your stealth At level19, you don't really have a stealth level difference advantage and Kinetic Combat tanks don't benefit from the extra stealth levels from the Infiltration tree.

So what I would say happened is either he stood too close to the mobs and his proximity started the fight or the mobs saw through your stealth as he was using Hammer Shot on you. Either way, it wasn't his gun heal that started the fight. But that's just my opinion, anyway.