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02.16.2013 , 10:12 AM | #3
Well it completely depends what your preference is.

Sorcerers can gain higher damage numbers in PvP than Assassins, though Assassins do higher hits so they are better for 1v1 etc.

Sorcerers can heal whereas Assassins can tank.

Sorcerers can Range DPS whereas Assassins are Melee DPS.

Assassins have more survivability, but then Sorcerers should always be at a distance anyway which kind of evens it out.

I currently play both my 50 Sorc and 50 Assassin both in full War Hero augmented gear. For me, the best thing about Assassin is the stealth and burst, and the Sorcerer gets the ability to deal good damage from a distance and be able to kite and heal himself.

I don't think I really gave you an answer since I like them both equally but I wish you the best of luck on your journeys!

EDIT: Worst thing about Sorcerer is that even in the best of gear you WILL take alot of damage unless you play smart and use your surroundings to evade your attacker(s). Worst part about Assassin is the fact you're tied to melee range all the time and your only gap closer is a 3 second speed boost which can be furstrating when getting pummeled from afar by a ranged DPS.