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@bright I love that Kirsk is there to keep Vierce from going off the deep end, but at the same time he's not going to pull punches in reminding Vierce about his own responsibility in the matter.
By age 8 or so it was pretty clear that trying to make Vierce feel better by minimizing his role in stuff he had screwed up was 100% hopeless. By age 18 or so even Kirsk had stopped trying most of the time. Better to move on to how to fix it, and make sure he knows there's no jury panel trying to make him fix it alone.

Now, because I can: Crossposting one more Lodestone Wynston/Ruth under Affection, because it explicitly expresses something that may not have been spelled out before. Also sap seems to be dripping past Valentine's Day and that's okay with me.

I think it stands alone on context, occurring any time between when Wynston finally gets around to acknowledging love and…well, any time in their lives after that. 650 words, no game spoilers except I guess a very vague reference to a Dromund Kaas quest.


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