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Diagnostic Scan is an energy management tool. If you pick up the right talents, it will crit on most ticks, and each one restores energy. So while HoTs are up or on cooldown, and if you don't need to be doing any burst healing, you can spam DS to keep your energy level up. With the increased regen talent you have (the one that consumes Upper Hand, or whatever your tactical advantage is on Operative), you should basically never run low on energy. Also, if you have DS fully talented, its heal is not trivial. You can deal with a lot of damage with just the two HoTs and spamming DS, if you're only healing one target.

Like Scoundrel, Operative is primarily a HoT based healer, with single heals for emergencies and quick top offs. When healing one target, your goal should be to have HoTs up at all times, keep your regen proc up, and use single heals or DS as needed for either emergency healing or energy recovery. Any time your energy is not full and you have nothing to heal, just spam DS on anyone (including yourself) to get back to full.

You have one big single heal that procs Upper Hand, and a medium single heal that consumes Upper Hand. It might not look like it at first, but your peak HP/second for burst healing comes from hitting those back to back; big first to get the Upper Hand, then medium to consume it. If you have an extra stack of Upper Hand, throw on an Emergency Medpac, or whatever the "free" Upper Hand heal is for Operative, to finish up. The medium heal that requires Upper Hand also has a nice set bonus in PvE that buffs it quite a bit; people trash that bonus all the time, but its mainly because they don't understand what this heal is for, or how it fits into the rotation.