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I will say some planets of SI story is good, Korriban, Kaas, Nar Shaddaa, Alderaan, Taris and of course Corellia. You actually manipulate Jedi and Sith for your course, but the overall story of chapter 2 and 3 is really weak, ghosbuster is bad enough, ok at least you still can manipulate something, but the whole healing is just nonsense, hard to endure at all. Also you did little against the Republic, only Alderaan and Taris got a bit to do with the Republic and really not much compare to the other 3 classes.

SW killed Jedi masters and many Republic officials in chapter 1&2.
IA finished of one of the best Republic SIS teams and stopped them from getting the Shadow Arsenal, he/she also helped the war in Corellia.
BH killed many republics figures, including Jun Seros and the Chancellor.

It should be about schemes and manipulation rather than ghostbusting and healing body.