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I would just like to throw my support behind this post.

I have been in dozens of guilds for MMOs and Divine Shadow is the first one I have been in that successfully combines amazing PvE & PvPers with a relaxed atmosphere.

It is not one of those guilds where you will only see everyone on during raid times, nor is there anyone in the guild that has a stick up their *** (well, maybe Colm but I hear he is into that sort of thing). There is always a strong community throughout all hours of the day with people willing to help you out with anything from min maxing your gear, doing alt runs, getting groups together for warzones, or even messing around in a pub base.

Guild chat is always alive, and we are only serious when we need to be. It works surprisingly well because we have completed all the end game content there is! We are constantly trying to make each other better, and have a drive that not a lot of other guilds do. What do we do when there is no more content? We 4 Man Nightmare EV.

When it comes down to it, Divine Shadow is made up of some of the best players you could run into; but it is more than that, we are actually all friends as well.

When I joined up I really had no idea what to think, but when I look back at the time I have spent with Divine Shadow,I could not see myself anywhere else.
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