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There is no doubt over-geared and/or experienced healers can dps and heal efficiently. So the question is "suppose"?

Starting with the first fp, Esseles/Black Talon.... the healer probably has one or two inefficient heal at that level with no energy management ability. If the healer dps, he may struggle to manage his energy. Having said that healer and tank are so ineffective at that level that the instance is designed as simply dps race. You can clear that with 4 dps. Are healers suppose to dps for the fp? I say yes.

The next two fps, Hammer Station and Athiss, are more challenging and attempt to introduce trinity for mmo newcomers. Tank and healer are still not very effective at that level but most of the fights require substantial amount of heal to keep the group alive. Are healers suppose to dps? No.

The rest of the fps up to hm Ilum and most ops have no requirement for healers to DPS. Some exceptions are Infernal Council in EV and last boss in TFB.

Kaon and Lost Island introduce long stun as well as trinity mobs set up. In certain trashes, the healer's interrupt, knockback and stun can greatly help the group. Those abilites require changing target to an enemy. So it is entirely normal if the healer decides to throw some dps out during those circumstances.

Now for top tier ops...
With the enrage relatively tight in NiM Kephess and F&S, most guilds employ strats that expect some dps output from the healers.