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02.14.2013 , 11:15 AM | #20
I agree...they need to buff Kaon up to a valid Tier2 HM FP and group it with Lost Island alone since that's the only catagory it applies to regarding the 2 weekly FP quests. Then people just wanting their 5 dailie BH comms and not worrying about the weeklys (or having already done them) can uncheck T2 and not have to worry about getting Kaon.

However, if they were to move it to the T2 level....they would definately have to buff it and make the last boss drop 1 Rakata piece just like LI does. But it seems like that would be pretty easy to do. It's kind of silly having a Tier2 level when it consists of a whole 1 FP. I'm sure the goal is/was to add more to it....but doesn't look like that will happen until the xpack to lvl 55....and at that point LI really won't count much as a T2 compared to how any new level 55 zones should be tuned. Move Kaon to T2 and make the new HM FPS with xpac T3 and all is well.