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In a way bioware is forcing people to pvp.
Now hear me out. One of the rewards most people are trying to get is the legacy bound lightsabers and other legacy bound weapons. Now this would be fine if they were only used in wz's and open world pvp but they are also usable by non pvpers as well so how is that not making people pvp for gear ?
Because you don't really need to do any PvP. The weekly limit on rep is low enough that you can max it out by doing all the PvE content. By doing the 4 PvE missions every day, the SM Xenoanalyst and 1 world boss each week you can get over the 12k rep/week limit with 1 character.

If you have 2 characters of an appropriate level (I did the 3 non heroic PvE dailies with my 48 Inquisitor with no problems) you can do it on just the PvE dailies.