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My Juggernaut: Vette then Jaesa because I liked the faster killing. Quinn when I want to solo a heroic. I never used Pierce or Broonmark because even as Vengeance I didn't need a tank. (Broonmark needs to be geared out if you want to use him. His starting gear is lacking, and he just seems disappointing after seeing how he performs in the cut scenes preceeding his joining your crew.)

My Concealment Operative: Dumped Kaliyo as soon as I got Vector. Then switched to Temple. Never used Doc or Scorpio.

My Madness Sorceror: Never used Khem Val once I had a choice. (Xalek is just a much better tank, able to hold a pack of mobs while you AE them down. Sucks that you get him so late.) Never used Talos Drellik either.

My Sentinel: Never used T7-01 except when I had to. Never used Scourge or Rusk at all.

My Commando: Never used Tanno Vik or Yuun. (Except when I was forced to.)

My Gunslinger: Korso until I got Risha. Never used Bowdaar or Akaavi Spar. Although if I was melee I'd probably have used Bowdaar instead of Korso until I got Risha.

I haven't played a Consular yet. My Bounty Hunter I only play with a healing operative friend of mine, so I use HK-51 instead of Mako, and haven't gotten any other companions yet because my friend hardly plays.
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