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Animations. Sniper. Fire. Fire. Fire. Probably the most boring animations in the game. The most interesting animation
is Series of Shots, which isn't that interesting... Oh, and Shiv, but you'll hardly use it. Gunslinger may be a little repetitive, but at least you fire different, and you play more as a cowboy, ducking, firing quick shots, hiding, fighting dirty. Never gets old.
I'd like to point that when you choose a class which name is "Sniper", you shouldn't expect to be flashy. When you hear the word "Sniper", you must have in mind "steady, well-aimed, deadly single shots". BioWare succeed very well to transcript this feeling.

Indeed, the Sniper's style is opposed to the Gunslinger's style which is much more "gangsta" or "street-fight". In my opinion it would be a success if the Gunslinger wouldn't be so immobile like the Sniper.
From my point of view, the Gunslinger's animations would fit much more a run'n'gun fighting style, even though the cover mechanic fits them too, but I don't see them spending the whole time behind it. When I imagine a dual-pistol using outlaw, I rather see a guy switching between running and entrenching. But the mechanics doesn't really allow it. For me Gunslinger's animation are inconsistent because of it.