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I feel like you are leaving a lot of story out of your post. But from what I can guess, you sound like one of those Ultra noobs I encountered before. See if these symptom fits you:

- You have no idea how to manage your attacking skills efficiently.. Either you find yourself out of Energy all the time or you are just spamming your lvl 1 basic attack all the time while having 100% Energy.

- Press random buttons just because "they look cool" and have no idea what it actually does

- Have no idea what your class specialty is. For example, you are a Sniper, you shoot from afar, not running into melee range to use Shiv.

-You are doing a lot of unnecessary things like knocking back mobs when it is not needed. Tanks hate DPS who do that. Especially when they worked so hard to group them together and the next moment you "LOL KNOCKBACK".


If one or more of the above applies to you, then we have a problem. In that case, we have a classic "Learn to Play" problem and I would suggest you to read up on Class forum to learn more about your class. If above doesn't apply to you, I am going to need more information.
You forgot :

- Random chooses skills from the skill tree without bother reading it's description.
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