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This happens all the time, but this one really made me laugh. Using my full Dread Guard Assasin tank with the Warstalker title. Right at the start of the FP a DPS in Columi and the healer both pop out "grd plz". Good thing people try and keep the flashpoints entertaining.
Well, keep in mind that a real good dps will try to kill off the weak ones in the group first before jumping on the Elites. A Columi geared DPS will still take some time killing off Strong by themselves (I.E they can't 2 shot it like Dread Guard DPS). So a squishy class like a Sentinel or Shadow might ask for Guard because it gives them 5% damage reduction. You may think it's not needed, but then again, what is so hard about just giving it to them? Oh that's right... Epeen shrinkage....