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Seriously, if you are guarding a healer, you are pretty much doing it ALL WRONG. There is no possible reason, short of a few rare examples in OPs level content, to guard a healer.

DPS generate 1 threat per 1 damage done. Before any modifiers. DPS also, do not get any threat reduction talents. Healers do get threat reduction talents in their heal trees and before these modifiers, they generate 0.5 threat per effective healing done. Also, ALL healers have abilities to dump threat if they do pick it up. Not all DPS do, for example, powertechs/vanguards have no threat drop.

Healer threat numbers are divided equally across every mob that you currently have threat against. That 4000 heal when the group is currently fighting against 4 enemies is going to generate 500 threat per enemy. This means the tank only has to hit each enemy for a paltry 250 damage on a normal hit, or much less for attacks that "generate high threat" in order to keep the mob off the healer. Meanwhile, the sniper has just landed an orbital strike tick for 4000 on all 4 mobs with another 2 ticks of the same incoming each second after that. Would you rather only have to generate 3000 threat per mob to keep them off the sniper or 375 threat to keep the mobs off the healer?

Guard on the DPS in this case reduces the threat output needed to keep it off the sniper by 4000 total threat across all 4 mobs. While guard on the healer in this instance would reduce the total threat required to keep it off the healer by a paltry 500.

QED guard on the DPS is 8 times more effective than guard on a healer in reducing the tanks workload required.
If you lose threat to a healer, guard or no guard, then you are just really bad at playing a tank, and you should either improve your play or stop subjecting others to yourself in group finder.