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02.11.2013 , 06:27 PM | #12
This was certainly not meant to start yet another discussion of who should be guarded. I never pay attention to "grd plz" and neither would any good tank. You look at gear and optimization and make a best guess on who might pull.
On my campaign geared Juggernaut that is certainly a much more important analysis.

It was amusing because the discrepancy was so vast. Every piece is an actual Dread Guard item and even with getting as many mitigation rather than endurance heavy mods/enhancements still at just over 28K hp.

There is so much whining and complaining on the forums that I thought people would get a little laugh (as some did).

As to scattered ranged enemies, an Assasin is perhaps the best to handle. Overload one group into another. Taunt melee enemy as you go into middle of ranged group. Pull any stray ranged into nice group you have created. End.