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Rule of thumb:

Tanks will attack the strongest guys first then work their way down to the weakest mobs all the time trying to hold aggro so only they are being hit

DPSers job is to kill the weakest guys first then work your way up to the strongest guy. If a straggler gets loose and is heading for your healer take them down.

At no time should you pull the mobs, that is the tanks job. Also to be helpful the DPSets should be marking their CCs and do not break other peoples CCs.

If you follow these simple rules, most people will not have an issue with you.

Also on boss fights, if you have not done them before make sure one of the more experienced players explains the fight.

Lastly, a lot of veterans will be skipping a lot of content in the flashpoints so make sure you make them well aware of the fact that you are new to the flashpoint at the beginning so they dont just run off and leave you. Most of the veterans are friendly and will help you out as long as you inform them.