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02.11.2013 , 01:04 PM | #45
Luckily most of the time i'm healing and if the tank sucks, well i'll do my darndest to make him look like a million bucks. Just to prove a point here's a short story.......

On my sage healer, late night around 2am server time que'd for fp. Got insta que with a guild group of fresh 50's for Kaon. My tank had 17k hp in daily purples no set bonus's. I had a gunslinger in columi. The other dps was a Sent in greens, wish I had a screenshot.

We didn't die once, didn't hit enrage timers, and I have since then heal'd them many times for fp's cause for some reason they have a hard time keeping healers around due to gear prejudice and they're a late night crew. I think they're 2 brothers and a cousin, super polite dudes, listened well, took advice and even APOLOGIZED for lack of gear to which i replied. "We'll be fine" and "You gotta start somewhere".

All it takes is for the new people to be willing to listen, and a good teacher who is patient and willing to teach. I wish all the new groups I ran into read the same book these guys did. 3cheers!