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As a new player, 12 shadow and that's it, I think your over-reacting a bit if it's a lowbie fp. I just did esseles last night and for a first fp is was a lot of fun. Tried to whirlwind extra mobs, keep the droids off their feet. I made a few misfakes and am guilty of pulling before the tank. Noone got angry and noone raged because of my mistakes. I did read a lot on forums before I started playing. I looked at anything before I rolled. Passed on anything I get ouldn't use and only went need for improvments. I'm obviously not uber geared out being my first toon and skill tree thing is relatively new to me.
Just have a little patience is all I'm trying to say. If you don't blast the person and explain the error of their ways most people will listen as long as you don't come off as a pompus jerk.
I have to agree with this paragraph, and nice work on reading up before hand. Don't worry, there are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you with stuff such as skill trees. And to be fair, there really are tanks and what not in Esseles as people don't have the skills, such as taunt, to be able to tank nor have gotten high up enough in the skill tree to be able to do it effectively. It's when you start getting into FPs like Hammer Station and Athiss that the roles are more defined and need to be obeyed more.

I make a point of trying to be patient while I level an alt, and/or am in a HM with young 50s as we were all beginners once. If they are trying their best, willing to accept helpful hints, as well as doing their job effectively then I'm ok with it. But if they don't listen, keep pulling before the tank (or worse deviate from the group to do their own thing and wipe us in the process), and are just plain rude when someone tries to politely ask them to not do what they are doing, then I lose my patience as that kind of behaviour is really wasting time in a FP that should be simple, like Hammer Station.