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Very true, but I agree with the OP, eventually this whole Great Galactic War needs to be brought to a canon end. However that may be possible in game, rather than through and EU book. At least for the four main classes. However I wouldn't rage if that actually happened, after all, this is Star Wars - its not your universe.

P.S. I actually liked how Revan turned out, he looked just how I would have imagined him. Meetra not so much, but she only appeared for a couple of seconds and as a Force ghost so *shrug* can't really comment.
I think all republic stories will be light sided canon just like was KOTOR1-2 canons. Jedi Consular seems canonically female (you can't find a decent JC robe which is not female robe), Jedi Knight will be male.

Also imperial classes storyline will be dark sided canons imho.