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Divine Shadow is looking to expand its ranks with new raiders who are:

1) Well versed with all of the current content
2) Sufficiently geared for all of the current content

Our guild has been around since launch day and we have successfully run everything up to and including EC Nightmare. We presently have two core groups running raids almost every night of the week at varying times to accommodate members spread all over North America as well as those located overseas.

Prospective members will be asked to accompany us on at least one raid prior to moving forward with the recruiting process. We do not have strict requirements on making raid times, but we do strongly encourage individuals to remain active and be timely when it comes time to run raids.

If you are interested in joining our ranks, please send me a message via the forums or reach out to one of the following individuals in game:

- Rothgar (Game Leader; Raid Leader)
- Colm (Captain; Raid Leader)

Additional Information: Divine Shadow has a dedicated TeamSpeak server as well as other dedicated servers for games. In addition to SWTOR, we’re also active in Wizardry Online and League of Legends. You can find out more about the guild by visiting our site below.