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Just a question on "need" loot rolls. Do you roll need when the loot matches your class or when it matches your class and spec? For ex. two Bounty hunters/Troopers #1 is Tank specced for the FP #2 is DPS specced for the FP. The item being rolled for is a major upgrade for both of them (Primary stats Aim & Endurance. But the secondary stats seem to be more towards the DPS. Can the Tank still roll a "need" since its an upgrade and can equip it?

I understand general rules like always greeding for loot rolls for companions but , Class vs Class & Spec seems to be a grey area for me. Met people on with varying opinion on both sides.

Ex. of arguments ive heard on both sides.
"Field Respecs make it so you can change your specs" -Class
"The Loot Roll Item is tailor made for the spec I'm running for the FP. Secondary Stats matter." Class&Spec
"Some people like to DPS with a little added endurance and defense." -Class
" Why would you roll on something when it's off spec for you?" Class&Spec
" The Primary stat is still an upgrade for me and I can equip it " -Class
If a piece is a major upgrade for both a tank and a dps in a flashpoint, there is something seriously wrong with their gear (As fps only drop 51/56 xeno/exo pieces). If the gearis for lower levels (sub 50), secondary stats matter less and it becomes less clear.

Responses to other points:

-Field Respec: you can roll need only on your current spec and role fufilled in the group (if you join as dps, you roll as dps). Needing for offspec without group consent is ninja looting (unless you are the only one of your class, though this holds less for endgame items)
- Secondary stats: As you get to end game content, you will realize the importance of secondary stats. You should only roll for the secondary stats of your class. If a dps wants "extra endurance and defense" after hitting level 50 they should be kicked.
-If certain mods are an upgrade needing is okay only if 1.) It is your mainstat and 2.) there is not someone else in the group who is more suited for the item
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