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02.10.2013 , 04:24 AM | #2
Bioware needs to change this anarchy lootsystem where everyone can roll on everything.

The basic rule is that if you can equip it and benefit from it (most with a IQ of 35 or more understands that you let the tank have the tank gear and healer healinggear and so on) the item is yours to needroll on if your character is in the instance can use it. If the item will be used in some other way like for a complanion, to sell it, to eat it, to let it collect dust in the bank the greed roll should be used, or pass.

Some guilds tend to set up special lootrules that are based on progression, a tank benefits more from having tank items and healer healer items.

This has gotten out of hand completely, last night I got kicked from a team by simply asking politely why a pistol using merc took a lightsaber with needroll. I got called lots of names and ofcourse I reported it for Bioware to let them see how bad the community has become.

Need rolls has to be blocked form players that cant handle the difference of need/greed/pass

So many other MMOs has done it with great success, why should The old Republic still live in the stoneage when it is such a simple thing to change.

After all we all wants to get along and get new friends, arguing about a unclear lootsystem are creating more war then peace. I know that for a fact since launch.