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Quote: Originally Posted by Gudeldar View Post
This is the effect details for the orb from torhead.

Effect Subeffect Type Text
0 1 condition IsInCombat: Negated=>1, Actor=>Target
0 1 condition HasEffect: FromActor=>None, Negated=>1, Actor=>Caster, Count=>1
1 1 action CallEffect: FromActor=>Caster, EffectNumber=>2
1 1 action PlayAppearance: DependentOnCallingEffect=>1, AppearanceSpec=>epp.qtr.1x4.daily.belsavis.superbo ss.itm_orb_toss
2 0 init SetDuration: MaxDuration=>15000, Duration=>15000, Toughness=>3
2 0 init SetStackLimit: MaxStackCount=>1
2 0 init SetHidden: IsHidden=>1
2 0 condition IfCalledByEffect
2 1 action PlayAppearance: AppearanceSpec=>epp.qtr.1x4.daily.belsavis.superbo ss.itm_orb_persist
Try it on PD and DT. With DT try it on 10 stacks. Since it drops on a 10x stack kill (essentially) try no more then less then that.