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So.. erm... what's the point in this thread?
A person complaining about the lack of coordination/communication in lowbie flashpoints.

Honestly, I try and solo the lowbie stuff (25/40 companions means I'm really 2 manning it) and just avoid the "what's a CC?" or "I'm a tank? No, my character is a Human, how do I transform into a tank?" issues. Usually people doing HM LFG will have learned the basics of the their class and you don't have to handhold them. Besides, I like occasionally having to explain stuff like Mentor (HM D7). There's nothing wrong in teaching someone the mechanics for a fight.

The only thing that has ever really annoyed me is when someone either has their party channel disabled (why people do this when in a group without voice chat I don't know, or when they go AFK and don't say why - especially when they do it mid boss fight.
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