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02.09.2013 , 06:10 PM | #27
I managed to round up a couple of friends last night, and re-confirmed alot of stuff already tested.

We also tested abilitys like a guardians "Guardian Leap", and that acts exactly the same as a taunt. We also for the sake of throughness tested tanks defensive cooldowns, like a shadows black-out (when specced), gaurdians warding call and focused defense etc. All which mitagated gaurd damage.

While we found shield chance and aborp also contritbute to mitagation taken through guard, we had some interesting results with defense.

When attacking the tank directly, as opposed to attacking the guarded player, he 'seemed' to dodge/parry consistantly more shots.

Weather this was only due to our small sample size, i dont not know. It worked out to about 12.5% dodged when we attacked the gaurded player, our tank had roughly 24% defense chance. At first it appeared like only a tanks base defense is taken into account for damage recieved via guard. But the more i think about this, the more i am unsure, and think that our sample size was too small.

Anyone else found a discrepancy between attacks defended/parried dirtectly and through gaurd damage?