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I have an assassin and a marauder lvl 50, and I had the operative at lvl 33 just before leaving the game, and for me it was a pain in the *** leveling to 33, now im 42, the supposed "golden age" of the operative (40-50) , and I just .... feel forced to level it, because it bores me. Although I have to say ... the story rocks

MY whole idea when I started was: cool a dps with stealth and knives. I didn't even mind that the endgame dps was supposed to be under the normal standards. But now.... I find the DPS lacking in thrash mobs while I quest and the animations and fight style boring. So yeah, you stick a knife in the back of a guy. that's all the animation. And you are a hybrid, you can't only melee, you are like a mix and match between the shooter and the rogue.

I wondered why I didn't see operatives DPS in FP and HM. Now I have changed my perspective and I'm only going to use the operative as a healer. (and I'm leveling as a healer in PVP and FP)

Perhaps I'm used too much to use a "jedi" style of gameplay but.... in the end I'm just quite disappointed with my operative. We will see at lvl 50.
so I mainly play concealment, simply because I enjoy it in pvp, but in pve unless you are at a stage where you can just grenade and carbine burst and everything is dead, you should use a tank companion so you can backstab.

If you are used to the jedi thinking of battle, run in and hope everything dies, you are not being a operative. Ever watch Serenity? As Shepard Book tell's Captain Reynolds, They will think sideways, sidle right up to you and hit your blind spot. Kind of hard in pve but in pvp that's what the whole concept is about.

Think sideways, not forward with a op.
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