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Concerning males.

Body 3 is a must, otherwise the lightsaber is too big to be held with 1 hand.

Body type 1 is just absurd freak born near Chernobyl combined with bulimic anorexic tendencies.Head too big for the body.

Body type 2 almost the same,and as pointed up above,i can't see these hands holding 1 lightsaber each.It just doesn't feel right.For body type 2 they have to create smaller lightsabers.
Lightsabers in this game are created for body type 3,otherwise its disproportional.
Also look at how ridiculous body type 2 shows your as* when you are wearing those robes where you put your belt outside of them.

Body type 3 is perfect and goes well with Sentinel medium armor.

Generally body type 3's equivalent in real life ranges from your average human male to a guy that works out.

body type 2 ranges from a skinny guy to a little below the average male.
body type 1 is someone that is physically retarded(some medical illness ,not the insult slang)