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I don't think this is a great idea. Suppose a random piece drops, and its a medium armor with strength, but you are the only one in the group with strength mainstat. You are unquestionably entitled to need on it (assuming you do need the mods), but this system would prevent you from doing so.
Then I will use the word that sveveral has used against me when they argue regarding a common sense lootsystem.

The word is "communication", if you communicate with the group. I am sure the modifications ends up in the right hands if you have the ability to use them and no other class played in the group can. If the group agrees that this is a item with mods you in fact can use then there will be no problem.. But the correct way to do this is by using the greed option, not the need option since the item is clearly not designed for your specific class. Or are you afraid that someone will ninja your item and sell it to nearest vendor?

Greed is a excellent way to use here and let the others pass while you take the item, take out the mods that you won with greed and everyone will be happy.

However if a juggernaut is present and he can equip the item he has to be able to roll need first since every boss is balanced to drop equal gear divided among the classes. If every juggernauts/sentinels and jedis/guardians starts to roll need items for modripping then they have double chance of getting gear then any other class.

Think of that for a while. Bioware balanced bossdrops after advancedclass, some willpower/strengthloot is more def oriented and so on. Checking any valid loottable clearly proves that.

But it does not make it right for juggernauts to take marauder items and vice versa. Those advanced classes needs to gear up aswell without losing needrolls to someone that canīt equip it.

So by ripping mods from items you canīt equip you effectivly deyning the class that were ment to have the item in the firstplace. Communicate with the team and ask if you can have the modifications, that might be the start of a good friendly conversation since everyone seems to like players that are polite.

This is something for Bioware to think about and hopefully change in the near future