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I got 50 operative and wanting to make one of theese, i got 26 sniper and 15 gunslinger, just cant decide wich i wanne do, i change my mind every other day, i kinda like the Han Solo style, but also like the sniper style.
Kinda afraid id get bored having 2 characters with same "skills" companions" etc etc, however i like IA quest alot moore then GS, it just seems boring (however, im only 15).
Opinions? :X
Having played both, I can say that, despite mechanical similarities, they do have different feel. Gunslinger has a lot of whacky and cool firing moves and animations, multicoloured blaster fire also looks great.

Gunslinger is more of a smooth pro shooter. Nothing flashy, Just measured, precise, powerful shots.

As far as story goes, Smuggler story is a lot of fun, as long as you get past Taris (Tatooine bossfight, for example, is awesome). Might not be as thought-out and moody as Agent, but it has a light humor atmosphere that helps relax. Also, Smugglers tend to have the funniest responses.
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