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02.09.2013 , 03:06 AM | #58
Also having this issue. I'm not terribly tech savvy, so if some kind soul would link a how-to for the diagnostic, I'd gladly run it. My net connection is spotless, but my problems with TOR are game-wide. I'm west coast on an east coast server (Jung Ma). Rolled a toon on a west coast server, just to test it out. Same issue persists. Lag sits at around 84ms, then hops up and down violently between that and 1k. Max I've seen before DC was 60k. Disconnects are rare, but result in the eternal load screen. The problem will last for a few days to a week, then tends to vanish for a day or so. Tried the file repair tool just in case there was a problem with the download, but it hasn't helped.