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Compassion was not calling him out the 3rd time he had the same toon restored. I mean, heck, look at these forums and all the genuine issues folks are running into, leaving CS already swamped. This guy continues to allow his own problems to be caused and I am not convinced he feels bad at all. There was a thread a month or so ago where someone was upset because CS told him he could get no more toons restored; he had exceeded his limit of 2 per year. This is the 5th or so for this guy, at least 3 for the very same toon -- this most recent request, again FOR THE SAME TOON JUST RESTORED, was just restored less than 2 weeks ago.

At some point you've just got to call enough enough.
You are completely right good sir! I have had 3 of my character restorations. Limit has been crossed. I would completely understand their refusal to restore as it is completely my fault for not anticipating my little brother's idiocy and constant will to disrupt my life!

It is not my intention to cause problems for the CS department as you are right they have bigger, more genuine issues to fix. They have been really awesome at restoring my toon within 24hrs in the last 3 times as well.

Their refusal for restoration this time would be completely justified!
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