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Get off of your soap box. Pot, meet kettle.

Watching this is like watching two little kids, one trying to get to mom to complain about having lost his toy for the third time, and the other standing in front of the doorway, forcibly preventing the kid from getting to his mother. Show me where I am forcibly preventing him from doing anything. I was merely expressing my disgust at his lack of concern for his own account and pointing out that others have been denied more than 2 restorations, yet he has already received twice that... 3 for this character, alone. Feel free to point out where I was "forcibly preventing him from doing anything".

He doesn't "have to take responsibility" and more importantly, he doesn't have to take orders from you. I fail to see where I gave "orders" in any of my posts. Again, feel free to point said orders out.
My responses in yellow; the irony of your first statement, considering the post that followed, is gold.