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I've leveled a Shadow, Jugg, and PT to 50. I want to level a Smuggler or Agent so I have all the buffs when playing. But I just can't get into my Agent. I haven't really tried a Smuggler yet, but since my last toon leveled was a Pub, I want to go empire next so I don't repeat content so soon.

Any advice? I love the idea of the Sniper and Op, but the playstyle just seems too slow for me. Am I missing something? I've never leveled either past 15. I just can't make myself do it. If I'm beyond help, let me know, if I'm missing something awesome, let me know.
I know how you feel. When I started lvling an agent (sniper) the story of terrorists didn't appeal to me and it seemed slow. But trust me, once you start getting to the end of Chapter 1, it'll be worth it. This is my second favorite class story of all and the choices you pick in this actually DO matter.

My opinion is to be a sniper especially if you want to pvp because they do better (generally) then operatives. Keep in mind these are all MY opinions and you're not forced to do anything I say. I'll go ahead and tell you some of the story to get you excited. If not skip the next paragraph labeled *Spoiler*


To me the smuggler story was above average at best and did have one twist but not anything near like the agent's. You truly have to get to 50 to understand the whole concept of the agent. To me Imp. Agent is a 8.5/10 story-wise and smuggler is 6.5-7/10 story-wise. Trust me, if you lvl an agent to 50 you won't be disappointed.
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