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02.08.2013 , 10:15 PM | #33
Get off of your soap box.

Watching this is like watching two little kids, one trying to get to mom to complain about having lost his toy for the third time, and the other standing in front of the doorway, forcibly preventing the kid from getting to his mother.

He doesn't "have to take responsibility" and more importantly, he doesn't have to take orders from you.

It's obvious there's enough clutter in the CS forum so why don't you quiet down, mind your own business, and let him get help without insulting him? Yes, letting his kid brother delete his character 3 times may be irresponsible in your eyes but the term "extenuating circumstances" was invented for a reason. You don't know the events surrounding the deletion, so you actually have no right to sit here saying "No matter what, you should stop trying to get CS's help because I disagree with your reasoning/right to ask for it."

Seriously, bro. If you want to get "logical", you're not here asking for help. So maybe you "don't have the right" to be posting here.

Oh, and should I also mention that it's these peoples' jobs to do stuff like this on a day to day basis"?

You ever watch a guy leave BK with a burger, drop it on the ground right outside, go back in, and order another? Did you ever try to block his entry into the place because you don't think he deserves to waste the cashiers' time? Didn't think so. So how is this any different?