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02.08.2013 , 09:47 PM | #11
180k or something from my 980k dmg is done by AoE... 17% of the dmg, is not even 1/4 of my total dmg... it is part of the fight mechanic, so if u have a class that can use orbital, Dfrom above or carnage mara, jugg w/e and not using it, meh u are doing something stupid (unless your strat is different ofcourse), not trying to say i can pull off more dps than mara and PT, i cant, in fact i cant in dummy, i am 200 dps behing, i can beat them in raid ofcourse most of times i do, and against rly good i am just behind like 20-35dps not the 200 differencial in the dummy, but thats just me, ive seen others do worse, and prob others do better, and i play a marauder a sorc an op both spec a ssin a merc and a jugg dps, tested them all, all viable, all good enough, there is no such thing as underpowered class... PTs and mara are stupid easy to do dps indeed, OPs/Ssin are a bit harder, being op alot harder, but thats part of the game, master the art of your AC to be just as good as others, just bcause almost no one can play an op or ssin at top potential, doesnt mean they are underpowered, they just dont know how, they might or might not beat a mara or pt or merc, in an specific fight, but all the ACs are way ahead of the dps curve needed in all the fights in the game, all are good balanced, and none is underpowered... marauder do more dps cus they are useless, they dps and tahts it, have no other thing to be useful... and PTs have too many buff talents when most class ahve barely 1 or 2 (armor pen on rail shot, like 6% + crit, + more crit on specific spells, 9% aim, more dmg under 30%. proc that make your best attack free/refresh) they are like the combination of all good talent trees, lethalithy/operative/merc/marauder/assasin everyithing, so if they reduce that a bit they will be more balanced, since they are good class since can offtank/grapple if needed while dps.... rest of the classes have alot of useful things to use to be useful, heals/stealth/B.rez/pulls/push/more stuns/longer range/aoe Def shields, thats why they are more valuable with less dps.