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ahh the compassion in the world, I dont think he posted here to get flamed, i am sure he already feels bad eneough without others rubbing it in for him.
Compassion was not calling him out the 3rd time he had the same toon restored. I mean, heck, look at these forums and all the genuine issues folks are running into, leaving CS already swamped. This guy continues to allow his own problems to be caused and I am not convinced he feels bad at all. There was a thread a month or so ago where someone was upset because CS told him he could get no more toons restored; he had exceeded his limit of 2 per year. This is the 5th or so for this guy, at least 3 for the very same toon -- this most recent request, again FOR THE SAME TOON JUST RESTORED, was just restored less than 2 weeks ago.

At some point you've just got to call enough enough.