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This is embarrassing!

I'm really really sorry but my little brother deleted this character, again!
I am sorry to bother you(again) for it but he sneaked into my room while I was in the bathroom and deleted this character! He is such a menace, you have no idea of the chaos he causes at home! *sigh*
Rest assured I will not request another character restoration if this happens again!
I wanted to request that it be restored.

Ticket No: 8066561
Character Name: Billa'l
Character Class: Powertech
Character level: 42
Server Name: The Progenitor
Deleted time: Sometime last week

I hope my matter will be resolved soon!
It's not embarassing, it's flat out ridiculous. Time for you to take responsibility for your lack of responsibility and CS to tell you "Sorry, no more restores for you" . There are too many people out here with legitimate issues that they had no control over and you keep abusing character restore over and over and over for the same toon, with the same promise that it won't happen again each time.

Enough is enough.