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02.08.2013 , 12:29 PM | #12
""And of course, ops don't have any dialogue at all (which is probably a good thing or it would take for fraking ever to get everyone to stand in the circle)""

Tbh to me I think the Ops are actually amazing (well the ones I've done so far). The only thing that really ruins them is if you are like me and don't mind using group finder, or joining big groups on the fleet who you don't know -90% of the time it's full of a***holes who have no time or patience for mistakes (surprise surprise, it's usually the DPSers who can't understand why the tanks and healers are having trouble at all).

The Ops don't need dialogue convos but tbh, after playing a few ops, I wonder if the flashpoints even needed them. They just slow things down and there's plenty of conversation in the eternity vault that u just hear while you're playing. I love the ops because they are STILL challenging. It can be intense when you're trying to group heal 8 bodies while the floors are falling below you, or everyone's getting fired into pools of lava etc and those who can't tank or heal well will get left behind .