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That phrase is going to haunt him forever. Bright, I'm putting in an official request, once you get done with this pile of well-written ouch, could you please give us a story with an alive Elara? Pretty please
Good Lord, yes. Live-Elara niceness will be happening at some point. I like her alive! She's a sweetheart!

It occurs to me that some people kill off the companions they unambiguously dislike, but somehow that never occurs to me. Maybe it's flash fic time!

Once upon a time Wynston said to Lokin, "I won't stand for you using me and my resources for your personal gain and unknown long-term plan and I certainly won't stand for being blackmailed by the likes of you."

Once upon a time it occurred to Wynston that SCORPIO is a monstrous, terrifying construct with no loyalty and

Once upon a time Ashara...I don't even know what's wrong with you, kid, so I'm just going to drop you off at a center for troubled youth on one of the Republic border worlds. But, to be realistic and in character, once upon a time Niselle shocked Ashara to death, stole all her stuff, and walked away whistling.

I feel better now.
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