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Yes is the same thing, looking at the rest of your tracert you should have a flawless connection to swtor it is just that hop 2 , and it is highly unusual as it indicates ping timeouts aka packet loss ie. 24ms * * ( * = timed out ) this would/can translate too latency and ping spikes same as the guy in the provided link.

This is all I can say, the timeouts is screwy it isn't like a router configured to drop these packets as it would be a 100% loss and it isn't. Sorry i cannot help further as i think your issue does lay with hop 2 just need them to monitor it or run a ping plotter like the guy in the link to record the link as proof to the 2 nd hop
Ok thanks for all the help this far. I'm already running PingPlotter to check over the connection and I get up to 20% packet loss on 2nd hop. Guess I'll have to contact my ISP again and show them that actually something isn't right here unlucky for me that I'll have to wait for the response until next working week.
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