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Yeah read through it just now, weird that I didn't see the link before :P
My IP flood detection is off (can't see one with "protection" so I assume they're the same thing)
Yes is the same thing, looking at the rest of your tracert you should have a flawless connection to swtor it is just that hop 2 , and it is highly unusual as it indicates ping timeouts aka packet loss ie. 24ms * * ( * = timed out ) this would/can translate too latency and ping spikes same as the guy in the provided link.

This is all I can say, the timeouts is screwy it isn't like a router configured to drop these packets as it would be a 100% loss and it isn't. Sorry i cannot help further as i think your issue does lay with hop 2 just need them to monitor it or run a ping plotter like the guy in the link to record the link as proof to the 2 nd hop