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Are you really surprised she has more to say?
I really shouldn't be, should I?
I honestly don't know how I stumbled onto this one. I was sneaking around the back way for the "A Belsavis Welcome" mission, just got to the control panel, and she says

The exactcoordinates are 1211,292, so may want to look into this one in cloesr detail.
I believe that's the same location I found one of Zenith's, and I think Kabe found a Scourge one there as well. Caught me completely off guard.
I have on more thing, but I'm unsure if it's something to put on this forum or not. I'll say it anyway.

For the jedi knight story mission on Tatooine, when you turn in The Shock Drum mission, and have T7-O1 with you, you get an extra little cutscene involving a jawa, T7, and an astromech shock arm. Quite fun.
Ok, that is awesome, lol. If I run another JK I'll have to have him out for that.

Thank you for the contributions to the list!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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