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I think BW will be shooting themselves in the foot if this is true... this indeed will leave only 1 raid for everyone to do, and many of us will be willing to bet it will be riddled with bugs and unbalanced fights around.

Do you all remember how many tiers WoW generally has before moving to a new expansion, about 3. We have had 5 tiers inbetween now and I think this creates a rather big gap between a new 50 and a dread guard 50 and also clutters the entire system with obsolete tiers. For the average PvE raider entire 3 tiers of pve sets (Tionese - Columi - Rakata) became completely irrelevant very quickly into the game.

I would prefer less tiers - harder to acquire those said tier items. And I would want each and every one of those pieces truly count for something. Call me old fashioned if you will.

Tbh I did not believe but hoped the final quest items when dinging 55 would only be Columi set or level items, while long quest chains would give Rakata and SM Ops gave assortment of Campaign to Dread Guard level gear to the point where Dread Guard still counts as a viable gear set for entry HM Ops. But that's just me wishing less clutter of tier sets in this game.
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