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I'm assuming it's going to be the opposite, also mentioned is the new HM versions of cademindu/athiss etc will require 148 rated gear so I'm assuming that is going to be dropping like candy on RoTHC planet or getting it will be as easy as getting tionese was before they gave away free comms. Fact is that in itself you will be guaranteed to get gear higher rated than BH in a day most probably. Considering it's an expansion I'm assuming there wont be huge grind from 50 to doing your first expansion flashpoints and I very much doubt that the current HM/NiM content will be required for gear before you can do the expansion content.

In short I think gearing for any current content now will probably be worthless as most gear will completely dwarf the current BiS which also wont be needed as the better gear will be far easier to acquire.
If this happens, dread guard gear will become largely irrelevant (and BH completely irrelevant). Then there will be no point in doing any of the older operations. Seeing as we have only 1 new op, end game raiding will become dead (only 1 raid worth doing).
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