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OK, hopefully I can put this debate to an end.

1: I have a scoundrel healer and a sage healer, both have around 21k hp, both are in full BH with DG hilt/armoring and barrels in my main and off hand.

2: I also have 2 tanks, 1 Van 1 Jug, both are also in end game (yes I have no life)

3: I have 2 dps, a Sentinal and a Merc

4: When I"m healing..... this is how i roll and it has nothing to do with the speed at which the group is moving as stated above i have no life and am in no real hurry to complete the flashpoint. That being said, on my sage, before the pull I will bubble the tank, put a cog (designating my cc) on a target, tank pulls, I cc, if tank is not getting wailed on I will find the nearest (NORMAL NPC) and hit him with a project followed by a quick tumult. This combo will effectively 2 shot any normal mob in any location. At which point i expect my bubble on the tank to be shot and I begin healing. IF i'm worried about dmg going out I will pre-apply my aoe heal where the tank plans on leaping into.

On my Scoundrel, i will stealth, CC a humanoid and mark it with cog, then I will find a droid (if present) and put a lightning on it (again designating my CC target) I will hot the tank, target my next CC, then cloak. Tank pulls while my hots are active but i'm cloaked so i pull no immediate threat. I then find a normal npc by himself not near anyone's cc's and i will grenade him (which knocks him down) then hit him with one of my 2 attacks that only work on stunned or incapacitated enemies, which will two shot them. Then I will throw my aoe heal, and re-hot the tank, then progress through my healing rotation. As it stands now if I use underworld med plus an emergency medpack on the tank i WILL heal him for 10-12k no questions asked. So I always reassure the tank "DON'T BE SCARED".

Now a less experienced or geared healer might have trouble with this and unless you understand who/what/when/where you can dps you will not be helping your group. I don't mind when i'm tanking if a healer dps's as long as I know I can trust him. I gain trust in strange tanks on my healers when I LET them purposely get below half health then within an flash I can have them full life and feeling comfortable with the situation again. I do the same by proving that i can keep a whole group full and thus it appears as no one is taking any dmg. That way they stop worrying about what i'm attacking.

I hope this helps people understand why some of us healers DPS. In my case it's because i'm bored, want to help out, and i enjoy 2 shotting things even if it's a lowly normal npc. It makes me feel good. I feel that i can bring more to the group than just healing, but remember you need to be a good healer FIRST as it's your job. Then stretch out your palate to being able to HEAL and off dps if only for not being bored.

Granted: On lower gear'd groups I have to watch my heals more, on better gear'd groups, depending on how ambitious the tank is I can dps more. You just have to use the first few pulls to determine if you'll be healing a lot or get to relax some and sit back and dps.

Lastly: If you are a healer and want to dps, COOL, don't sacrifice your group to do so. Remember that healers have an instant cast dot which if your good with targeting (IE) the F1 F2 F3 F4 keys to target your group it's easy to tab over, apply a dot, and get back to healing without anyone being the wiser except your dot shows up on the boss debuffs.

I hope this helped and didn't instigate any problems among friends, or make any enemies among former friends between all you who took the time to read this.

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